A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court HTML version

had to be called my Lady, and your Highness, like the rest. It is annoying and difficult to
scour around after hogs, in armor. There was one small countess, with an iron ring in her
snout and hardly any hair on her back, that was the devil for perversity. She gave me a
race of an hour, over all sorts of country, and then we were right where we had started
from, having made not a rod of real progress. I seized her at last by the tail, and brought
her along squealing. When I overtook Sandy she was horrified, and said it was in the last
degree indelicate to drag a countess by her train.
We got the hogs home just at dark--most of them. The princess Nerovens de Morganore
was missing, and two of her ladies in waiting: namely, Miss Angela Bohun, and the
Demoiselle Elaine Courtemains, the former of these two being a young black sow with a
white star in her forehead, and the latter a brown one with thin legs and a slight limp in
the forward shank on the starboard side--a couple of the tryingest blisters to drive that I
ever saw. Also among the missing were several mere baronesses--and I wanted them to
stay missing; but no, all that sausage-meat had to be found; so servants were sent out with
torches to scour the woods and hills to that end.
Of course, the whole drove was housed in the house, and, great guns!--well, I never saw
anything like it. Nor ever heard anything like it. And never smelt anything like it. It was
like an insurrection in a gasometer.