A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court HTML version

"He? Why, of a surety he did."
"Well, then, why in the world didn't he confess?"
"Ah, sweet sir, and leave my wife and chick without bread and shelter?"
"Oh, heart of gold, now I see it! The bitter law takes the convicted man's estate and
beggars his widow and his orphans. They could torture you to death, but without
conviction or confession they could not rob your wife and baby. You stood by them like a
man; and you--true wife and the woman that you are--you would have bought him release
from torture at cost to yourself of slow starvation and death--well, it humbles a body to
think what your sex can do when it comes to self-sacrifice. I'll book you both for my
colony; you'll like it there; it's a Factory where I'm going to turn groping and grubbing
automata into men."