A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court HTML version

"Come--really, is that 'sooth'--as you people say? If they want to, why don't they?"
"It would like them much; but an ye wot how dragons are esteemed, ye would not hold
them blamable. They fear to come."
"Well, then, suppose I go to them instead, and--"
"Ah, wit ye well they would not abide your coming. I will go."
And she did. She was a handy person to have along on a raid. I would have considered
this a doubtful errand, myself. I presently saw the knights riding away, and Sandy coming
back. That was a relief. I judged she had somehow failed to get the first innings --I mean
in the conversation; otherwise the interview wouldn't have been so short. But it turned out
that she had managed the business well; in fact, admirably. She said that when she told
those people I was The Boss, it hit them where they lived: "smote them sore with fear and
dread" was her word; and then they were ready to put up with anything she might require.
So she swore them to appear at Arthur's court within two days and yield them, with horse
and harness, and be my knights henceforth, and subject to my command. How much
better she managed that thing than I should have done it myself! She was a daisy.