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It comes down to maintaining your Fold Equity for the all important bubble once again.
The strategy to follow here is simple, do not over-call a raise in a multi-way pot – either
fold your AQo or re-raise that pair of Kings strongly enough to take the pot or get heads
up with a single opponent. With say 600 chips in the pot you should be trying to win it
right away – too many people try and get fancy hoping to extract more – don’t do it!!
o Post-Flop Play: Calling too much and Bluffing too much.
So we know that low level SNG players enter too many pots with too many hands
without proper regard for position… but what about after the flop? Well if Clive Calling
station entered a pot with A7 Suited and the flop comes 2 6 A you can be sure of one
thing – he is not folding!! This creates some good opportunities and some hazards, and
also re-enforces the point that it is correct to play super-tight early. If you are holding
Ace King here the solution is easy, value-bet, build the pot and take the guys stack. But
say you have a pair of Queens? We suggest making a good size (2/3rds of the pot)
Continuation bet here, but when you are called you must give up the hand, do not bet
bigger on the turn hoping that someone will suddenly decide their kicker is too low… its
just not going to happen!! An Ace on the flop in a low level SNG is the end of your high
pair – simple.
Now we can have a look at the reverse situation, someone raises pre flop with their Q10
suited and misses… in a low level SNG you will see them bet and bet and bet to try and
take a pot. One thing to look out for is the ‘string bet’ that is a bet of the same size on
each street, might as well just type in the chat box ‘I missed please give me the pot!!’,
bets which double on each street are also worth looking out for, these usually indicate a
weak hand – but not one which has completely missed.
The strategy in the early levels is do not bluff!! Too many people will call to the end with
nothing more than Ace high (or even less). The continuation bet is another matter – you
should be making a good size raise on the flop most times when you took the lead pre-
flop and have been called. However if you have a missed hand and are called you must
shut down immediately! Make sure you do not continuation bet into more than 2 people
with a missed hand, there is just too much danger that someone caught enough on the
flop to call you down.
Post flop play is too huge a subject to cover in 10 eBooks, let alone one. Think of this as
an extension of the ‘preserve your chips’ strategy, if you are only playing premium hands
in good position you should not face too many tough post flop decisions. Some of the
above concepts will be expanded in the sections on ‘Trap hands’ and ‘Reading your
opponents’ below.
o Bet Size, Pot Control and Pot Odds.
This is where things get interesting… the errors made when betting are huge, an effective
counter strategy here can do huge amounts for your bankroll. Some betting ‘tells’ will be
covered in the ‘Reading Opponents’ section – here we will look at the common errors
and how to effectively counter them.