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In The Money Play
Great, you made it to the money; a collective sigh of relief comes from the table. Now it
is time to go for first!! In the money play appears on the surface to be the same as bubble
play. There are many similarities including push / fold being the optimum strategy
(assuming our stacks are less than 10 big blinds), plus stack sizes and position are still
vitally important. The major difference is the change in calling requirements from the
previously tight players.
On the bubble a tight player is a goldmine, the error the same person will often make is to
push an average hand as soon as the bubble bursts in a desperate bid to double up. Be
aware of who these people are and call them down lighter (but remember – no calling
with easily dominated hands!!).
Big stacks do not have the same amount of fold equity in the money. Be aware of this if
your stack is large, people who folded to your raises for the last 20 hands are now likely
to play for their entire stack with something decidedly average.
Software Tools to Improve your Game.
This section reviews some of the many software tools available, for a small investment it
is possible to significantly improve your play! If we look at these in terms of opponent’s
errors then the edge you are gaining is clear – you are analyzing hands to find leaks –
your opponents are not. You are understanding correct bubble play – your opponents are
not. You are calculating equity for hands against a typical range for an opponent – your
opponents are guessing. For the price of a few buy-ins you get an edge that translates into
real profit from the tables – win 3 SNGs that you would have lost otherwise and you
suddenly show a profit on your investment!
1. Poker Office
Pokeroffice is a multi-function application that can benefit cash game and tournament
players alike. Its main functions can be divided into ‘real-time’ and ‘historical’.
Pokeroffice can display statistics on your opponents while you play. These can include
the % of hands played; post-flop aggression ratings and the % of hands played that are
eventually taken to showdown. This is a great help to decision making at the table – for
example there would be little point bluffing into someone who took 90% of their hands to
showdown! Historical data takes the form of a database of every hand that you play. This
can be configured to show which hands win and lose you the most money, a great way of
identifying leaks in your game. There are also some nice charting functions associated
with this tool. Pokeroffice costs $79, click the link below for more information!