A Comedy of Errors HTML version

A Comedy of Errors - Light!
Crushing SNGs by Exploiting your Opponents Mistakes
We all know where the money comes from in Poker right? It comes from your opponents
mistakes! Fortunately there is one area of poker where there are simply more
opportunities to make mistakes than any other… Low buy-in Sit and Go Tournaments.
This eBook will go through the stages of a SNG highlighting common errors that your
opponents will make time and time again… In order to turn these errors into $$$ in the
bank each section will contain an effective counter-strategy. In no time at all you will be
crushing SNGs, clearing bonuses and cashing out again and again!!
This book assumes some familiarity with SNGs – if you are new to this area I suggest
taking a look at the structure over at Full Tilt Poker first. You can use ‘play money’ until
you are confident enough to make a deposit – as an introduction you can get a bonus
matching your first deposit up to $600 when you use our exclusive bonus code PPUK01
We suggest that you read the entire guide before implementing any individual strategies.
The key concepts which link all of the sections are Fold Equity (having enough chips to
threaten your opponent with elimination – or at least major stack damage) and correct
Bubble play (the part of the SNG where the next person out does not get paid).
This version of “A Comedy of Errors” is the light or preview version. To get the full
version with additional chapters on reading hands / players, Unexploitable Heads-Up
play, a primer on ICM and Common Trap Hands visit the Plan3t Gong Poker Blog Today
9 The Early Stages: Why ‘Tight is Right but Tighter is Righter’
9 Middle Stages: Opening up and Stealing Blinds
9 The Bubble: Why the bubble is the most important part of a SNG.
9 In The Money: Now its Time to go for 1st
9 (Full Version Only) Heads Up Play: Unexploitable HU Strategy and when
not to use it!
9 (Full Version Only) An Introduction to the Independent Chip Model (ICM)
and how this can seriously improve your results
9 (Full Version Only) Common ‘Trap Hands’ and how to play them
9 Software Tools to further Improve Your Game
9 Bankroll Management and the importance of Bonus clearing