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The Hamptons- Haylems revenge
Chapter one - Haylem
That brat of Adriela’s Alexander has gotten married and l could not
be any more angrier. First he dares to steal my Sarah and now he has
married so that he can continue his stupid line, well, l will fix that.
What if his babies weren’t really his but were a poor peasant humans
baby, now l knew what l had to do, l would trick Penelope into going
to the human world and make her meet a human who she would fall
in love with, she couldn’t be in love with Alexander it was an
arranged marriage after all.
“l hate him” l murmured to myself, now why, l hear you ask do l hate
Alexander. It is more jealously than hate really. You see when l was
young l couldn’t talk until l was five and my brother who was two
could talk so he made Zaylem his heir instead of me which wa s kind
of unfair, to add to the injury my brother made fun of me, how dare
he. Now that you know why I’m so evil and power hungry, let’s get to
my ultimate plan, revenge. I hate my brother but why aren’t you
targeting him l hear you ask. Because Adriela ruined my plans, she
stole the orange stone that l used to exile the three queens to the
human world. That’s it. That’s why I’m targeting Alexander not
Zaylem the idiot.
Its been two days since l married Alexander, he is so handsome, like
OMG he really is. He has a surprise to show me today, l wonder what
it is, whatever the surprise is it must be our honeymoon location. It
really must be secret. He tells me to close my eyes and when l open
them l find myself in the magical world of, l don’t know but l see a