A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-Publishing eBooks HTML version

For a reasonable fee they will turn your finished document into an eBook. They will
assign their own ISBN number to it and have it listed in Books-In-Print. You can still
offer your eBooks to be sold by the Booklocker, Mightywords.com or any other on-line
eBook seller that sell non-exclusively. 1stbooks Library will allow you to retain your
electronic and print rights. The 1stbooks Library publishing contract is non-exclusive.
2. List Your eBooks In the 1stbooks Library Bookstore
Yes, it is always nice to have another bookstore listing for your eBooks. I first discovered
the 1stbooks Library by conducting a search for "eBooks" on the Yahoo search directory.
Since 1stbooks came up first on the Yahoo listing, I knew the 1stbooks Library was
expert in Internet marketing. They had the "post position" being the first eBook publisher
listed. I felt that their bookstore would receive more page views than any other eBook
seller would.
People get tired of scrolling down their computer screen and looking through many
choices during an Internet search.
Always make note of which website is coming up first in your search results. You may
want to join up with them later.
Now, over a year later, 1stbooks Library still has that "post position" on the Yahoo search
directory. There are over 4000 eBooks listed on the 1stbooks Library and more to come.
They want to be known as the Amazon.com of Internet eBook Stores
3. Format and Sell Your Rocketbook Editions
Again, for a reasonable fee, 1stbooks Library will format and market your
Rocketeditions. This will allow you to sell Rocketeditions even if you don't have a
publishing relationship with NuvoMedia.
Rocketeditions of books are selling like crazy. I personally sell more Rocketeditions on
Barnes & Noble and Powells.com than just about any other eBook media. Don't overlook
this wonderful eBook selling opportunity!
I am predicting by the end of the year 2000, hundreds of thousands of people will own
Rocketbooks. Many of these people will be looking for your eBook as a Rocketedition.
4. Print and Bind Your eBooks
1stbooks Library has a unique system of taking your eBooks, printing and binding them
on demand. You are allowed to purchase as few or as many books as you need at a
wholesale price.