A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-Publishing eBooks HTML version

As book wholesalers like Ingram carry more POD titles, they will be able to service
bookstores in a much more efficient manner. Book wholesalers will be able to carry a
greater variety of books as well as providing publishing and delivery of books within a
day or two.
Soon Print-On-Demand books will be available at the bookstore level as well.
Make sure you follow this industry very closely!
So, how can you participate in getting your eBook sold in a printed-on-demand
environment? Where can you get it produced for a reasonable cost and at the same time
get national distribution?
How can you keep your print and electronic publishing rights to capitalize on
opportunities that will present themselves very soon?
Your questions will be answered in Chapter Ten.
Print-On-Demand books allow you to expand into a huge market without the huge
financial risk associated with traditional book printing.
Print-On-Demand books are available at the wholesale level with Ingram, one of the
largest book wholesalers in the world.
Print-On-Demand machines will soon be available in many bookstores as well.
Make sure you check out this option for publishing your books!