A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-Publishing eBooks HTML version

Currently an author must have an established relationship as a "publisher" with
NuvoMedia to take advantage of selling eBooks as Rocket Editions. There are many
eBook publishers, however, that will take your eBook, format it for the Rocketbook
eBook Reader, and then send you the royalties when your Rocket Editions are
downloaded from eBook sellers.
1stbooks.com is a great company that will format your eBook for a Rocket Edition and
make it available to sell on Barnes & Noble and Powells.com.
1stbooks is located at:
I personally sell more Rocket Editions of my eBooks than with any other eBook seller or
If you are a single title author, you will need to contact a publisher that will format the
Rocket Editions for you. I have indicated publishers that will do that for you in Chapter
Seven and in Chapter Ten.
If you have published 10 titles or more and issue your own ISBN numbers, you can
contact the Director of Content of NuvoMedia at:
NuvoMedia's address is:
(650) 314-1201 (fax)
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The Everybook can hold 260 Megabytes of storage on a single card. Since most books
you find at the bookstore translate into less than one Megabyte, you can see that each
Everybook eBook Reader can hold hundreds of books.
Each Everybook eBook Reader includes two full color screens that simulate an 8 1/2 by
11-inch book.
Turning of pages is also simulated to remind the user of a traditional book reading
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