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Chapter Eight
Publishing eBooks on eBook Reading Devices
Did you realize that thousands of people are reading their eBooks on dedicated eBook
reading devices? These devices simulate the traditional book reading environment and
allow the reader an enhanced experience.
The reader can download several eBooks to a book reader, make notes in margins and
read from a back lit screen while in bed at night.
In addition, eBook readers allow you to change the print fonts and character size,
allowing you to facilitate the reading experience.
I am only going to mention the top three eBook reading devices but will include more in
updates when I find it necessary.
The three dedicated eBook-reading devices are the Rocketbook, Everybook and the
Note: Update: September 26, 2000 The Rocketbook and Softbook are combining forces
and will look different then the specifications given in this chapter. I am still including
this chapter to give you a little historical perspective on eBooks and eBook readers.
eBook 2, How to Write A Best-selling eBook will include more current information.
Rocketbook by NuvoMedia is fantastic!
A Rocket Book is an eBook-reading device that can hold 40 or more complete books. It
is available now and you can order a Rocketbook from Barnes & Noble and Powells.com
Internet bookstores.
The Rocketbook is the true leader in the industry.
Rocketbook by NuvoMedia is very user friendly for the eBook publisher.
For example, as soon as I complete writing an eBook and send the files to the
NuvoMedia's Rocket Press, my book will be ready for international distribution within
24-48 hours!
I can update my books as often as I wish enabling the Rocketbook customer a rich and
new reading experience.