A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-Publishing eBooks HTML version

This is a perfect way to start a profitable part time business because all of the contacts
you make are by e-mail. You will process orders at convenient times.
You are not making personal sales calls to bookstores or libraries. You do not have to
conform to their schedules and their whims.
You can earn money and keep your regular job. I will warn you that you may end up
quitting your regular job or profession as you gain expertise in publishing and selling
your eBooks.
It is great fun!
What is an eBook?
An eBook or electronic book, or virtual book or digital book is simply a digital text file or
group of files that when put together can be read on computers or dedicated eBook
reading devices.
eBooks may include text, sound, photographs, illustrations and video. eBooks may
contain "hot links" that allow the reader immediate access to web sites referred in the
eBooks can be published in a variety of ways:
1. eBooks can be published as digital files that are downloaded and read on laptop or
desktop computers. This is the primary type of eBook media discussed in this book.
2. eBooks can be created as digital files that are downloaded and read on palm-top or
handheld computers.
3. eBooks can be published as digital files that are downloaded and read on dedicated
eBook reader devices such as the Rocketbook eBook Reader or Softbook eBook Reader
or the Everybook eBook Reader.
4. eBooks can be digital files that are copied onto floppy disks or a CD-ROMs.
By the time you are read this book, other forms of electronic books may have already
appeared. I will keep you up-to-date with eBook updates when you register this book.
Give Me Examples of eBooks
Examples of an eBook would be a 400-page novel, complete with any illustrations or
An eBook could also be a training manual. A Reiki eBook is one of the best selling
eBooks and sells for $20.00 a copy.