A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-Publishing eBooks HTML version

Even if you are only planning to publish one book, I recommend you obtain several ISBN
numbers. As of the writing the fee for a block of 100 numbers is the same as the fee for
just one.
Click on the link below to apply for your numbers.
What software do I need to publish eBooks?
You can author eBooks with the following software.
Microsoft Word
Word Perfect
Microsoft Reader
Adobe Acrobat
You can find all of these products on-line at my bookstore located at:
You can use a free copy of Adobe Acrobat when you publish on-line to format your first
eBooks at the following Internet location:
You also have the choice of buying the Adobe Acrobat Software or you can lease it for
$9.95 per month.
When you have your first eBooks published you may want to purchase the Adobe
Acrobat Software.
Purchase the latest version because Adobe is very committed to the eBook publishing
Adobe Acrobat is one of the standard eBook authoring software packages.
There are many ways to publish eBooks. Keep in mind that with the many different
computer operating systems and many different pieces of hardware to interact with, you
need a software product that can communicate well with others. Adobe Acrobat
communicates well.
On top of that, if you ever want to turn your book into a printed and bound copy, Adobe
is on of the standards in the pre-press book printing industry. The investment you make in
this software will be a wise one for you.