A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-Publishing eBooks HTML version

Chapter Seven
eBook Publishing and Marketing Resources
These are resources that will be updated periodically for your benefit.
Use these resources to achieve success in selling your eBooks. When you send in the
eBook registration information located in the appendix, you will receive instructions on
how to receive regular updated chapters in this book.
Where do I go to obtain United States Copyright forms?
Click on the link below to find your copyright forms and information.
Where do I get my ISBN numbers?
Once you get your copyright you need to obtain an ISBN number. In order for your
eBook to be listed on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com, Borders.com and other
Internet bookstores, you must have ISBN numbers.
The ISBN number is needed if you produce a printed and bound version of your book or
a on CD-ROM.
The book will then be listed in a publication titled Books-In-Print.
Libraries and bookstores refer to Books-In-Print when they need to special order a book
from a publisher.
Books-In-Print includes listings for RocketEditions, Softbook Editions, CD-ROM's and
PDF digital files.
I feel Books-In-Print will be getting a great amount of use in the coming years. Now is a
great time to be including your eBooks in this reference publication.
How many ISBN numbers do I need?
For each binding, such as Adobe Acrobat format, Microsoft Word Format, Rocketbook,
Softbook, Glassbook, etc, you need a separate ISBN number.
Every time you change a book cover, binding or update your book, you need a new ISBN