A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-Publishing eBooks HTML version

Once your CD-ROM has a valid ISBN number and you have registered it properly in the
Bowker Books-In-Print directory, you will receive a free listing in the Borders.com, and
Barnes & Noble on-line book catalogs.
You will then need to add cover art and commentary to your free listing.
I believe that soon, Borders.com will be including Adobe Acrobat PDF eBooks so it will
be wise to add eBook listings to their catalog.
Borders.com is located at:
Make sure you have back up systems to support your eBook business. The Internet is
flaky. You will experience delays and problems with transmissions. However, the more
back up systems you have in place, the easier it will become to service your customers.
Think about adding a CD-ROM Re-writer to your computer hardware. The cost less than
$300.00 and can be used like a printing press to manufacture your eBooks in CD-ROM
versions. You can even custom design your packaging to create a very attractive product