A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-Publishing eBooks HTML version

Install voice mail on your telephone and make it clear that your customers can leave a
detailed message complete with name as it appears on the card, the credit card number,
expiration date, and the item that they wish to order.
Out of every 500 or 600 orders, I will get a phone call for help or to place an order. Most
problems are solved however through the effective use of e-mail.
3. Computer systems for file back up. Compact disc re-writers are the rage for backing
up computer systems.
Good ones cost less than $300.00. When you hear people talk about burning in CD's,
that's what they are talking about.
You can back up all of your files on CD-ROMs and then store them in another room. If
you burn up a hard disk or lose information that includes your website pages, you can
easily restore all of the information from your CD-ROMs.
Get in a habit of restoring your computer every time you make a change on your website.
You can back up the text files that you are using for your autoresponders the same way.
Of course you have autoresponder text stored on you hosting website, but if the
information becomes corrupt or lost, you can easily restore from your back up CD-
Now, with the low prices, of CD-ROM Re-writers, you will not only have a great way of
backing up your files, but also a new version of a printing press to create CD-ROM
eBook titles.
At this point in time, Amazon.com does not allow you to sell eBooks from their catalog
as downloaded files.
However, if you have published CD-ROM versions of your eBooks and have valid ISBN
numbers assigned, you can include them in Amazon.com's on-line book catalog.
You may add book reviews and commentary just like the big-time publishers. You can
even get Amazon.com to stock your CD-ROM's in their "Advantage" program.
For details on the Advantage Program go to:
You may use your new CD-ROM Re-writer as your in-house printing press. You can
now become author, publisher, printer and distributor of your own products!
There are many software programs that allow you to design your own CD-ROM labels
and J-cards for placing in the CD-ROM jewel cases.
Even with an inexpensive color ink jet or laser printer, you can create professional and
attractive CD-ROM eBook packages.
The URL for Amazon.com's Advantage Program is at: