A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-Publishing eBooks HTML version

Chapter Six
Setting Up Back-up Systems
What is a back up system and why do I need to set one up?
A back up system is a system of backing up all of your website, autoresponder and credit
card processing information.
A back up system is needed because sooner or later, your computer system will fail, your
website will go down or your credit card processor will have problems preventing your
customers in placing orders.
Sometimes two or three of these events will happen at the same time. A back up system is
necessary to keep the flow of money going into your bank account and keeping your
visitors and customers happy.
You also need to back up your computer each night.
A few weeks before I started this book, I had my primary credit card processor go down
for a two-week period.
Within a half-hour I had changed the buying links on my pages to activate my secondary
account processor. It was a lifesaver. I received over 100 orders or $1000 in that period
that I would have lost forever.
People want immediate gratification when ordering eBooks. They will move on and
purchase your competitors' books if they find a problem on your website.
Here are some "Cheap and Easy" ways of insuring an effective back up system.
1. Credit card processing. Always remember that people want to order on-line and in
real time. They want immediate credit card fulfillment. If you only have one credit card
processor then, mention in a customer service area of your website or somewhere on the
ordering page, that if there is a problem to "click here to order." The link they are clicking
on will take them to your eBook description on Mightywords, the Booklocker or the
1stbooks Library eBook Stores.
When they reach the store, web visitors will be able to purchase all of your eBook titles
because you will have already uploaded eBooks from the information you learned in
Chapter Three.
Make it very easy for your customers to purchase your eBooks even if your systems go
2. Give your customers an opportunity to order by phone, fax or e-mail. Some
people never will trust posting their credit card on-line. They will however give their
credit card information to a disembodied voice or fax it to a strange, long distance
number. Give your customers that option.