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Chapter One
Chapter One:
What is an eBook and Why Should I Publish One?
Let me begin with a story...
In December of 1999, as stories of the New Millennium where hitting the newspapers, I
was thinking of a way to make my New Year and New Millennium memorable.
What I really wanted to do is find a way to earn money very quickly through writing. I
already had an eBook version of my first paper bound book, How To Hypnotize Yourself
Without Losing Your Mind, which would account for 5 or 10 eBook sales each month. I
am only counting sales from my website.
I studied the statistical report of all of my webpages and found that one page consistently
had an enormous amount of visitor traffic each month. The page title was How to
Hypnotize Other People.
How to Hypnotize Other People, was a page that included free information that assists
people hypnotizing each other. I found that page had nearly three times as many web
visitors than the page hosting my information on self-hypnosis. An alarm went off in my
head! Why don't I create and publish an eBook that will teach basic instruction in How to
Hypnotize Other People?
On December 10, 1999 I did just that and I have never looked back! From December 10
through January 9, or one full month of displaying the eBook on my website, I sold over
100 copies of the new eBook. At a price of $10.00 per eBook I earned $1000.00 in
royalties. I kept almost all of it because by selling a book in eBook format, I only had the
cost of the credit card processing. This was a small percentage of the total sales.
The first quarter of selling this eBook is now over and sales keep going up and up.
Now I have seven new eBooks and I am going to keep adding more.
You can too! As you read this book you will learn how to sell your eBooks to the world.
You will learn how to publish your brilliance and have readers respond within an hour.
You will learn how to market your eBooks without spending any money.
I love the Internet because I find I always have two choices marketing products. I can pay
for marketing or I can market for free. Since I advertise my books and eBooks without
spending any money, this is the world I am most familiar with. You will first learn how
to sell your eBooks from other organizations' websites and then also sell the eBooks from
your own. This book includes a detailed marketing plan and winning strategies that will
soon have you earning book royalties.