A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-Publishing eBooks HTML version

visitors will be more apt to buy from you or take additional on-line classes, training or
telephone consulting.
7. You can offer virtually unlimited text and graphics in describing your eBooks.
You can record your voice and give author readings from your website. Many times I
have found that the author reading was the key factor in getting the eBook sale.
8. You Can Realize A Greater Return on Investment. Even during the best of
economic times, no one eBook seller or eBook publisher will be able to reach all of the
eBook buying markets. When you offer eBook selling from your site you get instant
feedback on what is working and what is not. You can experiment with offering
"specials" that will instantly affect your bottom line sales and profits. Even though
operating your own site can be a great deal of work, you can sell a ton of eBooks and
keep a bigger chunk of each and every sale.
9. You can react quicker in the Market Place. For example, let's say a new company
called YouandI eBooks comes out with a new software program that compresses video,
sound files, and graphics in such a way that your file size never gets over 200k. That will
allow you to create eBooks that are full multi-media productions. File size will not be an
issue. You will be able to instantly offer a tremendous product to your all of your readers.
Maybe the other booksellers and eBook publishers that are selling your eBook have no
interest in formatting and using that product. So you can generate a large number of sales
by offering it through your newsletters and your website.
I personally sell more eBooks from my site than any combination of all of the other
eBook sellers I use put together. People want to obtain their material right from the
source if they can. You are the source.
10. You can offer your own affiliate program. With your own website you can offer
your own sales affiliate program. Affiliate programs are the reason why Amazon.com and
barnesandnoble.com do so well selling on the Internet. For more information about
offering Affiliate Programs, go to:
You may purchase Affiliate Program Tracking Software to start your own affiliate
program, track purchases and pay commissions by browsing to Marketingtips.com.
11. Join an existing Affiliate Program. You may want to associate with other big names
and other authors by joining sales associate and affiliate programs like Barnes &
Noble.com and Amazon.com. Visitors see major booksellers' logos and search engines on
your website and overcome their fear of ordering from you when they notice brands they
are familiar with. It appears that the bookstores are endorsing you! You can feature
authors and books that are similar to yours. If someone purchases those books and you
have an affiliation agreement set up with an Internet bookseller, you will receive a