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A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-publishing eBooks is a complete system that will allow you to publish your first eBook and sell it over the Internet.

Be sure you participate in all of the marketing activities mentioned in the Marketing Plan section of the book.

You will achieve success when you follow the directions.

Here is what you need to begin your successful journey in publishing and marketing your eBooks.

1. You need a computer with an Internet connection. For the first few exercises in this book you can borrow time on a computer from a friend or rent computer time at Kinko's or a similar establishment.

2. You need eBook authoring software. All you need right now is Microsoft Word or a program that lets you save ASCII text files. ASCII text files are the same file types as the e-mail messages you send and receive. If you have Adobe Acrobat that would be great, but you don't need it to begin these exercises. Soon you will be able to purchase the Microsoft Reader with Cleartype that may prove to be a great investment for you as well.

3. You need a fax machine, or fax service. You may be able to use a business supply store or print shop like Kinko's. There are also free fax services that allow a minimum amount of faxes for no charge.

4.  You  need  several  e-mail  accounts.  Set  up  at  least  3  separate  new  free  e-mail accounts. You will need one for your business, one for your personal e-mail and one for a return address when you register with search engines and directories. You will get tons of junk mail when you register, so you will need one e-mail account for a dump.

5. You need a desire to adjust to your market place. Try to stay out of a fixed mindset on what a book is supposed to resemble. Allow your paying customers to help it evolve into a masterpiece that they will enjoy. Keep open to formatting and authoring more eBooks in a variety of formats.

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