A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-Publishing eBooks HTML version

Chapter Five
What You Need To Sell eBooks From Your Website
Advantages of Selling from Your Website
1. You get to improve your daily business cash flow. The Booklocker for example,
pays royalties every month. When you receive royalties from Mightywords and most of
the other eBook sellers, you usually get paid quarterly. Some eBook sellers only pay you
semiannually. I like instant gratification, don't you?
After all, that is why your readers are downloading your eBooks. They want instant
gratification, too. By having your credit card processor deposit money into your business
bank account every day, you get instant gratification with each and every sale. This is a
great motivator.
2. Your personal website allows you to collect address information of each customer.
Once you sell your customer their first eBooks, they are more apt to purchase more
eBooks. You collect their e-mail addresses and send them updates. If you are a public
speaker as well as an author, you can invite them to hear you speak when you are in their
area. You are a celebrity.
3. Collecting data on which kinds of eBooks are of interest to your website visitors
will increase your income. I found that by tracking my page hits, I could find out what
information my web visitors were interested in and what kinds of eBooks they would
actually purchase.
You can set up on-line forms, messages boards, and forums that allow your visitors many
reasons to go back to your website. As your web visitors develop confidence in you, they
will be more encouraged in placing orders with you.
4. You can offer free updates and information to your readers and distribute that
information inexpensively with a website. Having a website is a very low cost
proposition. I spend less than $100.00 per month when I include my website costs as well
as having two different credit card processors. (I will explain more in Chapter Six:
Setting Up Back-up Systems)
When I had an office in Scottsdale, Arizona my costs were almost $1200.00 per month.
Now I get so much more for 10 % of what I use to pay and never have to leave my home.
5. You can set up "secret" places on your site that you charge a subscription fee for
people to enter. You can have levels of newsletters for example. You can send out a free
one and offer a more advanced newsletter or content site on your website that give the
reader a great deal more.
You can set up this area to be password protected. Once the reader pays you the
subscription fee, permission is granted to enter and download your unique information.
6. Offer free classes and fee classes to your readers. This is a variation of the above
point number five. Free classes will allow the reader to get to know your style. Web