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The insurance salesperson has to call on people called "suspects" of which many are not
interested in his/her product. Most people will not be interested in buying insurance.
From the group of "suspects" evolves a smaller group called "prospects." Prospects are
people who are interested in buying insurance.
Out of that smaller group called "prospects" evolves "customers" or the people that
actually purchase the insurance policies.
The next day the salesperson gets up in the morning and begins the procedure all over
again. Every day is exactly the same as the day before.
Does this sound like fun? It can be a great deal of fun. But most authors I meet would
never be comfortable working in an environment like that.
Characteristics of the insurance sales job.
Many insurance sales professionals work eight to twelve hours a day, five days per week.
However, they must meet with they're clients when the clients are ready. Many successful
insurance professionals spend weekends selling insurance.
Insurance salespeople are usually restricted to handling specific insurance products and
they are restricted to a specific geographical territory.
The Traditional Book Author
Here is the typical day of a book author once the book is published.
The author makes a list of bookstores, contacts the Bookstore Manager or the Community
Relations Coordinator, if it is a chain bookstore.
The author then makes a sales presentation to interest the store in carrying the book.
The author will try to schedule a book-signing event or just get the bookstore to place a
purchase order for books right away.
The bookstores are called "suspects."
Most bookstores already have enough books on their shelves so the author has to employ
super sales skills in winning over the bookstore decision-maker to buy books or schedule
a book signing.
If the store agrees to purchase the book, the decision-maker will tell the author that they
will only deal through an established book wholesaler. They do not purchase books from
individual authors.
The author must call the book wholesalers or large distributors and sell the wholesalers or
distributors in carrying his/her book.