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Chapter Four
Marketing Your First eBook with No Budget
Using Fingertip Marketing to Sell Your Books
Q: What is Fingertip Marketing?
A: Fingertip Marketing is defined as, any marketing that adheres to the following two
1. It is free of charge.
2. It includes no verbal sales pitch to anyone.
You communicate through your computer keyboard using your fingertips.
In this chapter and on my new website, eBook-marketing.com you will find many
examples of fingertip marketing.
The address of eBook-marketing.com is:
Q: How did you come up with Fingertip Marketing as an effective way to sell eBooks?
A: When I was writing my first paperback book, How To Hypnotize Yourself Without
Losing Your Mind, I thought that once I wrote the book and was listed in the Library of
Congress, my marketing work was over.
I actually believed that I would be in a universal listing that bookstore managers and
librarians would see and then order my book.
Boy, was I stupid!
The truth is that the author must do all of the marketing of his/her book.
There is no universal listing that will get libraries and bookstores to order your books.
You have to become a "salesperson."
Most authors that I have met are not salespeople. In fact many authors I meet despise
The Insurance Sales professional
Think about how the typical insurance sales professional works each and every day.