A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-Publishing eBooks HTML version

Chapter Three
How to Publish Your eBook in One Day
Now you are going to learn my 5-Step method in publishing your first eBook.
Here is my quick 5-Step Method of publishing your first eBook. You will publish your
first eBook within a few hours of reading this chapter.
Does this sound exciting? I think so. Let us begin!
Step One: Create a document on your computer. How big should the document be? Lets
start out with 5-25 pages.
The document could be one of your best speeches, a food recipe, a short story or a step by
step instruction like a "how to book" with behavioral objectives in mind.
My top selling eBook titled How To Hypnotize People and Other Living Things, for
example, is only 36 pages long but outsells my 193 page eBook by a 3 to 1 ratio! People
want concise and useful information and they want it delivered quickly.
Step Two: Save your document as a Microsoft Word document, an ASCII text tile, or an
Adobe Acrobat PDF file.
Step Three: Connect to the Internet and go to Mightywords.com at
Register on Mightywords.com and read the directions on how to post your wonderful
eBook to their website. If you want to upload your eBooks as Adobe Acrobat PDF files
and you do not want to purchase the software yet, you can follow the links on
Mightywords that will lead you to a free Adobe formatting site. Look for a section that
says "Writers Corner" and you will find free access to Adobe On-line where you can
format a limited number of eBooks for free. The link to free Adobe formatting is at:
You can format a few eBooks for free and/or subscribe to formatting un-limited files for
only a $9.99 per month subscription fee.
You can also purchase the Adobe Acrobat Software at any computer software store and
most Internet bookstores.
I purchased my Adobe Acrobat Software right from Fatbrain.com, which is the parent
company for Mightywords.com.
The address of Fatbrain.com is: