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Library can help you in the following ten ways:

1. Publish your eBooks

For a reasonable fee they will turn your finished document into an eBook. They will assign their own ISBN number to it and have it listed in Books-In-Print. You can still offer your eBooks to be sold by the Booklocker, Mightywords.com or any other on-line eBook seller that sell non-exclusively. 1stbooks Library will allow you to retain your electronic and print rights. The 1stbooks Library publishing contract is non-exclusive.

2. List Your eBooks In the 1stbooks Library Bookstore

Yes, it is always nice to have another bookstore listing for your eBooks. I first discovered the 1stbooks Library by conducting a search for "eBooks" on the Yahoo search directory. Since 1stbooks came up first on the Yahoo listing, I knew the 1stbooks Library was expert in Internet marketing. They had the "post position" being the first eBook publisher listed. I felt that their bookstore would receive more page views than any other eBook seller would.

People get tired of scrolling down their computer screen and looking through many choices during an Internet search.

Always make note of which website is coming up first in your search results. You may want to join up with them later.

Now, over a year later, 1stbooks Library still has that "post position" on the Yahoo search directory. There are over 4000 eBooks listed on the 1stbooks Library and more to come. They want to be known as the Amazon.com of Internet eBook Stores

3. Format and Sell Your Rocketbook Editions

Again,   for   a   reasonable   fee,   1stbooks   Library   will   format   and   market   your Rocketeditions. This will allow you to sell Rocketeditions even if you don't have a publishing relationship with NuvoMedia.

Rocketeditions of books are selling like crazy. I personally sell more Rocketeditions on Barnes & Noble and Powells.com than just about any other eBook media. Don't overlook this wonderful eBook selling opportunity!

I am predicting by the end of the year 2000, hundreds of thousands of people will own Rocketbooks. Many of these people will be looking for your eBook as a Rocketedition.

4. Print and Bind Your eBooks

1stbooks Library has a unique system of taking your eBooks, printing and binding them on demand. You are allowed to purchase as few or as many books as you need at a wholesale price.

Now you will have a printed and bound book that looks like all of the other perfect bound trade paperback books stocked in bookstores and libraries.

You will receive a unique ISBN number as well. Your new books will be listed in Books– In-Print, which is a major reference for bookstores and libraries.

Your book will be available at the 1stbooks Library. Your book will now have two listings, doubling its exposure at the 1stbooks Library on-line bookstore. You will be listed as an eBook for download and as a trade paperback to be shipped via mail or United Parcel Service to your customer.

Generally an order placed to 1stbooks Library's website will just take a few days to process and your printed and bound version will be sent out to the customer.

By the way, the packaging of your book will be quality packaging, just like Amazon.com. Your customer will receive the book in tiptop shape.

1stbooks Library will handle the credit card transactions and give you reports on what you have sold through their system.

They will also pay you royalties that are much greater than standard book publishing royalties.

Now you will have a "real book" to impress your friends and neighbors. Hey and maybe even Oprah!

5. Place Your Printed and Bound Version in the Ingram Database.

One solid fact about getting a bookstore to carry your books is that you need to have a working relationship with a large book distributor or book wholesaler.

Librarians  and  bookstores  want  and  need  the  services  of  large  distributors  and wholesalers.

They do not want to write thousands of checks to authors and small publishers each month, but they do want to carry their titles.

Wholesalers and distributors enable bookstores to carry thousands of books and only a few checks have to be written. They also help control the inventory costs of each store.

Ingram  is  one  of  best  known  and  reliable  wholesalers  in  the  bookstore  and  library acquisition  world.  Along  with  a  standard  Books-In  Print  reference  book  that  most bookstores and libraries use, Ingram provides their own version of Books-In-Print.

Once  you  are  in  Ingram's  database,  you  can  approach  bookstores  for  signings  and libraries to purchase your books.

Also, when Ingram gets an order from a library or bookstore, they will have your book printed on demand and shipped to the store within three to five days. Lightning Print is the name of Ingram's service that provides such a fast turnaround on small book orders.

This is much quicker than the two weeks or four weeks quote you will receive when a bookstore has to deal directly with a standard book publisher.

1stbooks provides the electronic files including the book covers to Ingram's Lightning Print system and the books are printed on-demand. The probability of handling costly returns is very minimal.

This print-on-demand technology will help bookstores and libraries carry more books and reduce storage and inventory costs.

6. Get Your Book Printed on Demand at Store Locations throughout the United States!

This is really exciting. Sprout, a digital printing company out of Atlanta, Georgia, is involved in providing digital printing systems to bookstores.

Current stores that will be using Sprout's Print-On-Demand system are selected Borders, Waldenbooks, Follett, and other selected bookstores in the United States.

Once you are in the 1stbooks family, you will be able to have your book distributed as an electronic file to a bookstore serviced with the Sprout digital publishing system. On location and right at the bookstore, your book will be printed out while the customer waits.

The turn around time is only 15 minutes!

7. Availability on Amazon.com and Other Internet Bookstores

Everyone that publishes a book wants to be listed on Amazon.com. Amazon.com is the King of Internet bookstores. They have a great reputation for customer service and delivery of products. They are around to stay. By having your printed and bound version published by the 1stbooks Library your book will be sold on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, borders.com, fatbrain.com and other Canadian Internet bookstores like Indiago.ca and Chapters.ca.

My  book,  How  To  Hypnotize  Yourself  Without  Losing  Your  Mind  is  being  sold  on Amazon.co.uk which is located in the United Kingdom and Amazon.de, which is located in Germany.

This is all because of the fact that Ingram entered my 1stbooks trade paper back in the foreign marketplace.

If your eBooks and print on demand books are listed on the Internet bookstore websites readers will perceive you as a genuine author.

8. Special Market Sales Print Runs.

One way an author can sell thousands of copies of paperback books without having to worry about returns is by selling in special markets.

Special markets include selling to book clubs and selling books to multi-level marketing organizations. Special markets also include selling books as premiums to associations and corporations.

Many times when a special market or premium sale is made, the quantity of books ordered can amount in the tens of thousands.

A typical print-on-demand publisher will not be able to offer competitive enough prices to accommodate such an order since POD works with copy machines rather than true printing presses.

1stbook  Library,  however,  will  work  through  their  resources  and  help  you  put  a competitive deal together for your special market and premium sales clients.

Many self-published authors earn their living from special market book sales. Having access to a full service publisher is a very important benefit for you to consider when choosing a print-on-demand resource.

9. Audiobooks or books- on-tape production and distribution.

Yes, 1stbooks has a program that will take your book and turn it into a book on tape or an audiobook.

People love to listen to books on tape while commuting to and from work. Many listen to books while exercising. As people are living longer and with their eyesight failing with age, audiobooks allow them to continue enjoying books.

1stbook library has an option for authors and publishers to create books-on-tape. They will set up distribution through the Ingram database that will facilitate sales to bookstores and libraries.

10. Publicity and promotional help.

There is another publishing package option offered by the 1stbooks Library that can get the author off to a great start.

This option focuses on sending targeted press releases about your new books. When your new softcover book or book on tape is ready, 1stbooks Library will send hundreds of press releases to media in your region.

From news releases you may receive requests for review copies of your books and possibly radio and TV interviews. 1stbooks library will help you work with these new adventures.

Media interviews can really help all of your book sales increase dramatically.


Once you have your first eBooks published and you are marketing on-line, consider having your book sold as a book-on-demand.

If you don't want to do all the work of publishing your eBooks on-line, contract with 1stbooks Library to handle all of the work in publishing and distribution of your works.

The 1stbooks Library has a turnkey operation that will help you create and sell eBooks in a variety of ways. They will print your book in softcover and instantly acquire wholesale distribution channels for your books.

You will become a "real" author and at the same time, not have to worry about inventory costs and other high costs associated with the traditional book-publishing world.

We wish you success!

Wayne Perkins & Tom Hua



A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-publishing eBooks

brought to you by Tom Hua

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