A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-Publishing eBooks HTML version

Now you have to market the book. It's your job as the self-published author to get the
books into the store, and it is your job to move the books from the store to your
Many self-publishing marketing experts feel it takes around $30000 per title to
effectively market a book.
So here is the rundown of what it costs.
What it costs to print and sell a self-published book
$12000 to print and place a cover on your book.
$ 5000 to send books to reviewers
$30000 to market each book effectively.
$47000 is your total investment.
Out of your initial 3000 run of books you have already given away 500 leaving you with
2500 copies to sell.
Assuming your retail price is $20 per book and you can maintain that retail price for one
year, the most you will bring in if you sell every remaining book is: $50000
If you subtract the $47000 you incurred as expenses you will have a net income of only
Believe me when I tell you that will be the hardest you have ever worked for only $3000.
Are these figures realistic? Yes, they are! Ask any self-published author what it cost to
print and sell books.
Now let us use an example of creating or publishing an eBook and bringing it to market.
We will assume that you will want your own website. It is possible to sell eBooks
without one, but lets look at all of the possibilities.
Let's assume that you have a computer and word processing software. You will need that
anyway to self-publish your book the traditional way.
What it costs to publish and sell an eBook
What does it cost to publish and sell an eBook?
1. Cost of a Website with secure credit card ordering is $1200 per year. I am estimating
on the high side here. You can spend less and have an effective website.
2. Cost of an Internet provider is $360 per year.