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Chapter Two
What Do I Gain by Publishing eBooks?
The economics of eBook publishing
The economics of publishing books in electronic form are too good to ignore. Today, you
will find very few reference books that are published in a traditional fashion. CD-ROMs
are manufactured in amazing numbers allowing families of all income levels access to
What are the economics of traditional book publishing?
Here is what a typical self-publisher is up against. In order to get book printing costs
down to a bearable level, in other words in the $3 or $4 range, the self-published author
will need a first run of books at around 3000 to 5000 copies. The cover art will cost at a
minimum of $2500 for the first run. If you work the numbers, the self-published author
has to spend at least $12000 in printing costs alone.
This is before the author has sold a solitary book!
After the author has spent the money he owns 3000 copies of the masterpiece.
How do the authors sell and deliver their books to the reader?
Most self-publishing marketing books will tell you that in order to sell the book; the
author needs favorable reviews. The review process works like this:
The author sends out press releases to book reviewers representing the genre of the book.
If the reviewer becomes interested in the press release, the author will receive a request
for a "review copy."
The author digs into the stash of books, pulls out a copy, attaches a reviewer or a media
kit, and pays for the postage. On a $5 book that may add another $5 in shipping materials
as well as postage. Many reviewers will ask you to ship your books by overnight express.
The author may find himself spending up to $18 - $25 per reviewer!
One reviewer in Berlin, Germany became very excited over my first book. He requested
that I ship a review copy by airfreight, from Phoenix, Arizona in the United States to
Berlin, Germany. It cost me around $75 to ship the book and review kit.
Guess what? I never received a review nor heard from the reviewer again!
Experts in the self-publishing field, state that you must send between 300-500 review
copies to target genre reviewers before your book has a chance to become a hit. If you
send out 500 book copies at a minimum of $10 per book, you have spent another $5000
of your money.