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Chapter Ten

A One Source Solution for eBooks, eBook Readers Paperbound Books and More!

I know what you are thinking. "Boy this is a great deal of work for me to do, just to sell books." "Maybe I can just get on Oprah's television show and I will be set for life."

The truth is that even if you get on Oprah's television show, you are still going to have to work hard at selling and promoting your eBooks. A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self- publishing E-books, will help you get started. The daily marketing plan I present will have you completing just three activities a day for five days each week.

You can still maintain a full-time job while you are completing these marketing activities. All of the book marketing activities involve letting "your fingers do the talking" rather than requiring you to call or meet someone in person. Once you have your first eBook published on-line, you are ready to tackle a single source solution for eBook publishing that will increase your current eBook sales, give you additional eBook media to market, and turn your eBook into a printed and bound book.

The best total solution that I have found is the 1stbooks Library. They are located at: http://www.1stbooks.com


1stbooks Library

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