A Cat From Canada HTML version

necessary. That is, if she ever became a nuisance for my father
or me.
Fleshy androids can be pre-programmed. My pretend father
threw a fit at first, saying that he wanted a „real life wife’
rather than a fleshy android. Also, he’d explained to me the
horrible complications and problems that can occur from this
kind of an arrangement.
Initially, what’d happened was that my pretend father and I
agreed that his first wife would be a fleshy android. However,
if for any purpose she was turned off for good or destroyed his
second wife would be his for the choosing.
The three of us lived in a beautiful white mansion,
containing a perfectly mowed shiny green lawn, a three car
garage a swimming pool in the back, a patio, ten bedrooms, a
game room, two kitchens, two study rooms and more. Furthermore,
we had three satellite televisions; seventy inch HD.
The food we ate was superb. Absolutely nothing could beat
my pretend parents’ cooking. They did their research very well,
reading home economics books and cookbooks.
As for me I always had a special taste for the well-known
foods and drinks. Fancy foods were certainly a delicacy but to
be eaten on occasion only.
My father and I had moved from Arizona a few months
earlier. The Green Town Park was always a nice place to visit.
It contained artificial ponds, beautiful grass and trees,
wildlife, and much more. Water fountains were scattered
throughout the park in case anyone needed to drink. In addition,
several snack bars and a dining hall were open 24 hours a day.
Green Town didn’t have the high crime problems of many
cities and towns in California. I was thankful to be in Green
My father and I managed to bring along our special copying
machine. This machine had the capability to print any currency
in any denomination. And unbelievably, the bills looked exactly
like the real thing.
In effect, our pretend family was in the millionaire
category indefinitely, barring an unforeseen catastrophe.
But now, let me get to specifics about my life and that of
my pretend parents.
Every day of our lives was very exciting indeed. However,
some days stood out like sore thumbs. To tell you the truth, a
fear in my head would prick at me every so often. It was a
question, „when was this beautifully sheltered life coming to an
end’? I inherently knew that regardless of how much money we
had, every family and pretend family undergoes trials and
tribulations of sorts. Life’s not a joke. It’s full of ups and
downs for everyone, including cats.