A Call from the Dark HTML version

meringue worm this early in the morning Damien!’ and he shouted back, ‘I want a worm!
I want a worm!’
I wondered what my Mum did when I was a snotty brat? She wouldn’t have put up
with it. Primary school teachers are experts at getting kids to behave. I wouldn’t have got
a gingerbread man as a bribe, that’s for sure.
My boots were beginning to hurt by the time I reached the store. They’re not great
to walk up hill in. I reminded myself to charge my MP3 player so I could listen to some
music after work for the walk home tomorrow. I finished early Sunday mornings and Dad
had stopped picking me up once Daylight Savings had started. I like the peacefulness of
the early morning, but I liked listening to music to unwind at the end of the shift.
The door to the store was opened when I reached it. Right on ten o’clock. Crass
was on time for once.
‘Oh well’, I said to myself as I walked in, ‘another day, another dollar.’ That’s an
expression I read in a book somewhere that stuck with me. It’s like the motto of the
casual student worker who does the stuff nobody else wants to for half the pay. I guess
there’s worse ways to spend a Saturday morning.
Boy, was I ever wrong.