A Call from the Dark HTML version

’ve never been very good at getting up early on Saturday mornings. I’m usually wasted
after frying my brain all week at school and Dad never stirs unless he’s working, so
there’s not much incentive. I used to drag myself up, get a bowl of cereal and hop back
into bed, watch music videos and then go back to sleep for a couple of hours. Those
awesome mornings have long gone.
I wish I hadn’t taken them for granted, cause who knows if I’ll ever get to sleep in
again? Things have changed. I have to get up for work now, and since I walked to work I
had to leave way too early. That didn’t mean I get up when I should though. I always
leave it as late as possible. So, on the weekend that my life took a serious plunge down
the toilet, I woke up at nine after forgetting to set my alarm, leaving me only half an hour
to get ready.
Unlike what I was about to go through, this was something I could handle easily.
First, I made sure I had the fastest shower possible. That’s difficult. I love long, hot
showers, washing my blonde hair slowly and rhythmically, just letting the steam clear my
head and the soap wash all over me. It’s probably the most peaceful part of the day.
Then, standing at the kitchen counter, I ate my cereal as fast as I could. I rarely eat
anything else. That’s probably why I’m as skinny as my dad. Sometimes I have a glass of
orange drink (not orange juice, it’s way too expensive), but most of the time I just wolf
down the cereal and slurp the milk from the bowl.
I quickly stuck on the same clothes I’d had on the night before. I’ve got pretty
simple tastes – jeans, white T-shirt, suede ankle boots. I wear the same thing almost every
weekend. Half the time the T-shirt has fallen off the chair in my room and is all creased,
but that’s OK. Customers never seem to notice.
I never wear much make-up, so that’s not a big problem either. I put on some
foundation to cover a few annoying zits and some eye shadow, but I kept it to a