A Bunch of Battlers HTML version

you and Billy hold the fort while I just go and cash in these tickets
nodded as she was too busy to answer. Peter went off at a quick
trot towards the station.
Billywasenjoyingthis‘game’ofshops– with real money! Some
brightly coloured feathers waving above the crowd attracted his
attention he stared as the feathers approached, and saw that
they were attached to a straw hat worn by an elegantly dressed
lady. She swept down upon him and said in the poshest voice
Billy had ever heard – “Lookatthedah-lingweepaperboyisn’t
And before Billy even knew what was happening she kissed him
soundly on both cheeks, popped a two dollar coin into his hand
and continued grandly on her way.
“Heylady”Billy called in a puzzled voice, - “youforgot-cha
paper!”thenhereddenedinembarrassmentrealisingthathe- a
tough man- had been kissed in public!
It was 6.30pm when the children took their money to the
newsagent and received their share -$34 including tips.
free boats. Can I have one Pete? Can I have one?
they walked along the street towards the large red and yellow
Peter and Robyn carrying two trays laden with food carefully
made their way to where Billy was sitting, holding a table for