A Bunch of Battlers HTML version

Robyn stacked up their dirty dishes and carried them over to the
lady who had served them
The two children climbed the steps and stood in the noise and
rush of Flinders Street waiting for Peter.
Peter came out of the Tourist Bureau feeling happy and excited.
The friendly lady there had been happy to give him maps of
Melbourne and to tell him about Collingwood Farm.
It was set in bushland – being part of a large reserve that
surrounds a bend in the Yarra River. The farm was for the use of
all folk in the city – to picnic or play, to keep animals or grow
vegetables. It was never locked-up and vandalism was no
problem, so there were no security guards. Obviously with so
many different folk using the area, no-one was going to take any
particular notice of three children who appeared to be often
playing in the bush nearby.
Yes, to make camp there would be ideal with the huge Housing
children in.....
“Heee-rr-aw-ld, Heee-rr-aw-ld!”