A Bunch of Battlers HTML version

She grabbed Billy, pushed him up into the branches of a tree and
stood watching with horror.
The pig, savage with pain, lumbered towards Mike. Pete grabbed
the rifle and fired wildly. The pig stopped, retreated, then turned
and charged. Pete stood his ground, and, holding the rifle steady,
fired. The pig dropped.
Robyn ran to him, crying with relief. Pete hugged her as she
There was a plaintivecryfromBilly“Iwannagetdown!Lemme
Robyn knelt to examine Mike while Pete retrieved Billy and
carried him over on his shoulders.
Robyn sent Billy to bring a water bottle from the cave while she
made a shelter to protect Mike from the sun and wind.
kicked the starter and was off.
Mike regained consciousness as Robyn was sponging his face.
“Whoareyou?”questionedBilly“I’mBilly; I live in the cave up
Mike’sheadwasclearbuthestillfeltasifhewasinadream “I
“Where did you come from? What hasbeengoingonhere?”
asked Mike
“Good-oh – itwillfillintime‘tiltheflyingdoctorgetshere!”Mike
grinned against the pain