A Bunch of Battlers HTML version

Early the next week, the children arrived in Bourke. After
shopping, and collecting mail, they followed the Darling River
south-west for a few kilometres, and then made camp.
Next day, while Robyn and Billy did school work, Pete rode his
bike back to Bourke to go to the Employment Service office.
Thenoticeread“Young man wanted to work on sheep station.
Must be self reliant and have practical skills.”
him the full details. While the clerk telephoned Mike Scully, Pete
looked at a large scale map on the wall. He worked out that it
would take three days to get to Paterson Plains Station and to
search out an isolated spot to camp.
“MrScullywantstotalktoyou”theclerksaid, handing the
phone to Pete.
Pete cycled furiously through the bush towards their latest camp.
He was so happy. Billy spotted him first and came running.
handlebars, and rode towards Robyn, waving his hat. Then he
stopped, lifted Billy to his shoulders and rode on – one handed in