A Bunch of Battlers HTML version

Many kilometres away on Paterson Plains Station, Mike and
Jenny Scully sat in their kitchen listening to the welcome sound of
rain hammering on the roof.
Mike was a thick-set man – 45 years of age – a quiet, hard
working and very kind person. Jenny, his wife, had curly brown
hair and merry dancing eyes. She had worked alongside Mike as
they built up their station, over the fifteen years that they had
been married.
They were well likedinthedistrictandwereoftencalled“apair
they had looked forward to having a large family there were no
to be allowed to adopt children. Still, they were great mates, and
very happy in their life on the station.
into the place – become a station hand we could rely on. A man
to help with the place as I get older and who could look after
a few years, we could build him a house if he wanted to get
married – therecouldbekidsaroundonthisstationyet!”