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Chapter 2 – Pies, Chips and Hamburgers
‘’Wakeupsleepy- headswe’rehere”shoutedPeterRobyn
shook her head and blinked against the strong light. She moved
to the window and put her arm around Billy. The little boy gazed
excitedly at the city scenery, his plans of running away
temporarily forgotten. Peter reached three bags down from the
luggage rack overhead.
Screeech! Jerk! Clang! Hisssss............. The train stopped at
Flinders Street Station – Platform No.1. The children joined the
crowd of people on the platform.
“YousitherewiththebagsRobynWemenwillgo and get the
Billy swelled with pride at that handed his teddy to Robyn –
solemnly instructed her not to let him wander off – and marched
alongside Pete.
boys returned. Peter expertly strapped their bags - one to the
In a short while they were all tucking into a meal of pies and
chips, washed down with large glasses of flavoured milk. Robyn
gazed admiringly at Pete as he explained his plan – it all seemed
so simple. Billy at first was too thrilled to even speak and then he
felt content and secure. Peter obviously had his life under control
– all Billy had to do was obey and enjoy – just as he had always
venture might fall flat before they even got past the city.
lambsandcalvesThenI’llcashinourticketstoSydney– that’s