A Bunch of Battlers

Robyn listed some items of food. As she paid for them, the
storekeeper reached under the counter, where the sweets were
“Hereyouareyoungman– think you can handle a bag of mixed
purchases. Billy waved as they left the store.
A cloud of dust rose as a willy-willy whipped across the track. The
children were pedalling slowly in the mid-afternoon sun, across
some bare country that lay between the Lachlan and Bogan
“Weshouldbeabletospotthewindmill. According to the map,
there is a bore somewhere around here. Everyone look hard – we
mustn’tmissit– wedon’twanttomakeadrycamp”Petesaid
anxiously. He did not want to have to break into their reserve five
litres of water.
Robyn spotted a flashtothewest“TherePete– isthatit?”she