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Chapter 9 – Outback Overlanders
Dear Billy, [wrote Mr White]
The pictureofyourNoah’srkissogoodthatIhaveputitonmy
display board for the other teachers to enjoy. When they have all
looked at it, I will send it back to you.
“MorningRonHardatitalreadyI seeThat’sprettycolourful”
Mr Stone picked upBilly’sdrawing
That’sfromoneofthechildrenfromthatTuckerfamily– the
sightthebirthcertificatesandsoon?”queried Mr Stone
“No”answeredMrWhite“Buttheirworkcomesin– very well
done too. I think the girl is supervising herself and her little
brother, does a fine job. The father is chasing work all over the
countryside. They travel by bicycle – which is a new one for our
itinerants! The next address we have for them is c/o Post Office,
workbooks out to them today, as a matter of fact.”