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Chapter 8 – Making Plans
The three weeks passed quickly. Pete returned to the camp each
weekend bringing the groceries and stories of his week. He
enjoyed his job. Although the work was hard and the days long,
Pete felt exhilarated as his tan deepened and his muscles
hardened. The food was good, and he did extra little jobs around
for everyone in the vineyard and no-one asked Pete any personal
questions – much to his relief.
Each Friday night the pedals seemed to fly under his feet as the
bike light showed the way back to the camp. In the still summer
evenings the journey took him about two and a half hours. Pete
liked the peace and quiet of this time of the week, and used it to
The long summer holidays were over now for most people, so
few folk were out and about in the Hattah Lakes Park. Robyn and
Billy were undisturbed in the well hidden camp. As in Melbourne,
they had found a more heavily wooded spot protected by a
tangle of scrub. Robyn had organised neat and efficient living
quarters for them.
Billy was eager to start work on his school lessons. He felt himself
very important to be doing real reading and writing, so Robyn
had no trouble motivating him to work. In between lessons she