A Bunch of Battlers HTML version

Meanwhile, the wind howled, and branches cracked and
whipped through the air like waste paper. One landed on the car
roof, crumpling the vehicle like a cardboard box.
The lady was in a panic, screaming at Robyn to bring her children
back. Finally, Pete, using all his strength, grasped her by the arm
and pulled her to the hollow. She tumbled into it, and gathering
her children to her, stopped screaming and sat shaking with fear.
The man, who had been trying to pull the remains of the tent
down from the tree, came running after Pete.
“Hey you!Lethergo!I’llflattenyou!”Brancheswhippedathis
clothing as he ran. Just as he saw the group crouching in the
hollow, a tree fell thudding at his heels, and he dived to safety!
After a moment he looked about sheepishly.
lost my head. Sorry and all that. Good job you were here.
“Thisisjustlikeonthetelly!”Billywasreally enjoying the drama.
squirmed away from their mother, and joined Billy in shouting
happily as trees crashed around them.
Then suddenly it was over and the sky cleared into twilight. As
Robyn and Pete were setting up their camp again, the Park
Robyn stared with dismay – “Iftherangerasksusawkward
thought. Glancing around, she saw Billy and the other two little
Pete struggled to help the man gather the remains of the tent
from the tree.
as shehelpedtheladycollectthefamily’sscatteredbelongings
It all turned out as Robyn had hoped. The ranger showed no
curiosity about the children. He gave the man a lift out to the