A Bunch of Battlers HTML version

anxiouslyTheskywasdarker“GetBilly– we better take cover.
Billy’shidey-hole will do. In a high wind these gums will drop
branches like crazy – wedon’twanttobehistoryjustyet!”He
began gathering their things and dumping them into the hollow.
gathered Billy and his toys, “Wemightbegoingtoseeagreatbig
get blown away - oryourtoyseitherSowe’llgetdowninyour
hidey-hole and watch from there. Some of those big trees might
fall over too – it’sgoingtobereallyexciting”
As she settled Billy in the hollow, Robyn thought suddenly about
the new campers.
to wrap itself high in the branches of a tree.
Billy, peeping over the edge, watched wide-eyed as Robyn
scooped a toddler under one arm and grasping the hand of the
pre-schooler, ran the short distance and pushed the crying
children into the safe place.