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explained about Hattah Lakes National Park. How they would see
a big river, sand hills, and a shallow lake that was the home of
pelicans. Billy thought it was just around the corner!
street. Billy mounted up to follow“TuckertimeTedyoullsee
The afternoon sun was hot as they pedalled on the smooth black
tar road that swings around to the east of Lake Tyrell. Pete let go
of the handle bars and balancing easily swiftly took off his
sweater and slung it over his shoulder.
winked and shot off to catch up with Billy who was singing the
socks song at the top of his voice. Unfortunately as he could only
remember the first two lines - his performance was a little
The afternoon passed rapidly as the distance disappeared under
the rolling wheels. The children breathed in the sights and
sounds of the plains. Several times large trucks loaded with grain
thundered past - the drivers waving cheerily to them.