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Chapter 6 – The Road Ahead
It was a warm January morning in Adelaide. At the South
Australian correspondence school Mr. White was busy at his
desk. Workbooks lay in piles waiting to be packed and posted to
his pupils - ready for the new school year. As he addressed a
large parcel, Mr. Stone, the principal, approached him.
Mr. White scanned the paper the page was tidy, the spelling was
accurate but the wording seemed strange, it was a bit different
“DearSir,”(he read)
your school. We are travelling around so I can get work on a
station. Robyn did Year Five last year in Victoria, Billy has not
been to school.
Please reply to me c/o P.O. Mildura Vic 3500.
Yours faithfully, PeterTucker”
letters - maybehehadverylittleschooling”musedMr White.
some forms and a couple of work sets on a trial basis. Then when
and if they are returned we can make a decision