A Bunch of Battlers HTML version

"Would you like to come and do the milking for me some days?"
asked Penny
"Oh, I could come every day!" replied Robyn happily.
"Well then," said Penny "What if you come every morning about
this time and bring a container, and then you can take some milk
home. How about that?"
"I like milk," said Billy "and eggs" he added hopefully.
Penny tousled his hair and said in an amused voice "I can find a
job for you too Billy. If you'd like to feed and water the hens for
me and collect the eggs in the evening, that would be a big help.
You could have, say, four eggs a day for your pay and you could
pick whatever ones you wanted."
the feed?" answered Billy, trying to sound responsible.
"I'll show you" said Penny smothering a smile as she looked at
the eager little boy.
She picked up the heavy bucket.
"Then I'll take this milk up to the house. If you'd like to come up
"Thanks" said Billy and Robyn together.
They fed the chooks, raked out their yard, filled the water
trough, and then joined Penny for smoko.
They had large hunks of fresh bread, spread with jam and
washed down by a glass of milk.
"You can play around the farm as much as you like, and Billy, if
you give the chooks some more tucker and collect the eggs at
about four o’clockthatwouldbejustrightinstructedPenny
"Righto" said Billy "See you later"
The children set off to explore the farm.