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Chapter 4- Milk and Eggs
“ChooksRobbieChooks!”– Billy flung himself through the gate
into the fowl-yard, crouched on the ground, and began talking to
chief delight. He had spent hours following them around,
imitating their noises and now could instantly make friends with
any hen. Robyn watched as Billy stroked and cuddled the hens
that now clucked about him eagerly.
Robyn swung around to the sound of the voice. A large lady in
blue overalls and gum-boots was striding purposefully towards
animals that live here are used to being handled by children. It
never seems to put the hens off the lay at any rate. Now come
They walked to a stone building where a cow waited patiently by
one doorway. The lady plonked herself down on a small stool and
milk was soon frothing into a bucket.