A Bunch of Battlers HTML version

seemed to be some planks wedged firmly between some forked
branches. Pete’sanswerwasactionHeswungontoalowbranch
and began to climb.
His movements were swift and easy and in a short time he
disappeared into the foliage around the spot where the planks
could be seen. Then he reappeared, waving excitedly. Soon
afterwards, he was on the ground again - his face one big grin.
in years I bet. Some of the planks need fixing, but I should be able
to scrounge some timber and so on from the yards of those old
factories. We just need to buy nails and some strong rope. By
tonight we should have as sturdy a hideout as we could want.
Pete and I will make this hole bigger so we can get the bikes
organised Robyn
Even though they could faintly hear the sounds of the city they
felt like they were in the bush. Birds called overhead and the
river went slip-slop against its banks. Peter and Robyn grinned at
each other, things were working out fine.