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Chapter 3 – A Bit of Luck and a Tree House
Peter and Robyn gazed around. A street over, they could see the
dark shapes of some older style office buildings.
Robyn sensibly.
Billy cradled his precious boat with one arm, and held tightly to
lanes leading away from the light of the city street. They stopped
door, and gave it a push. To her amazement and delight it
The children walked softly up the stairs that creaked with age.
The first floor landing was crowded with dusty boxes. They went
on. The second floor landing was clean and there was a stout
wooden door with a sign. Robyn peered at it and by the light
coming through the stairwell window read;
“CouncilfortheSingleMotherandHerChild- Accommodation
and Counselling Service – Hours 9am-6.30pm Open Every Day
“Iwonder” said Robyn under her breath and she shoved on this
door too. It swung open.
Inside were several rooms. The first was a messy office area; they
walked through into the next room. There were rugs, chairs, a
cot, couches, pillows and many toys scattered in bright
confusion. The windows were large and modern and the light