A Bridge of Time


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Was it physics, mysticism or maternal bonds that transported William back into 19th Century America? Will his love for his modern day family be strong enough to grant his return passage to the second millennium or will the Natural Bridge tie him to a past he never knew? NOTE: The text (TXT) file is no longer available here as it was formatted incorrectly and regrettably caused some negative feedback not reflecting the novel. As posted by many you will find A Bridge of Time, hard to put this book down!


Very nice book. Way of writing connects you with the characters.

Elaine Hostrander

This was a wonderfully written book. Kept my attention from beginning to end. Would like to see the meeting between Paul and his father


I really enjoyed this book and didn't want it to end. I would have liked a few more chapters rather than the abrupt ending.

Lou Tortola

Hello Mark, thank you for your post. I take it that you read the .TXT version of my novel that has been since removed from this site. Unfortunately, when the original PDF format was converted to other various formats, that version was full of 'false' punctuation. When you have a moment, do take another look at the PDF file that is a true copy of the book.


Really enjoyable and absorbing book. Thanks

Muriel Wunder

I was very pleased with this story. I enjoyed it very much. I like a good time travel book. Lots going on in it which made it interesting.


I wasn't expecting such a good read. Well thought out and presented.

Vishal Sharma

Improbable plot, but loved it anyway!


My friend has read it it brilliant

Barry Langer

I love a good read and this is great

Mal Owen

Liked the concept but the writing seemed to be aimed at a teenage audience. Probably too much explanation rather than letting the readers imagination fill in the story.

jen somerville

Great read, couldn't put it down.

roxanne lindgren

I loved Mr. Tortola's concept of time travel. What a wonderful way to incoporate our physical world with that of a posible mystical one.


I enjoyed reading it, love time travelling stories.Well done Lou!


Good storyline, better editing was needed but overall very enjoyable! Well done to the author!

andrew lyner

The basic premised was fair enough but too briefly explained right at the end. Characters were a bit 'cardboard'. But, as I actually got to the end, I suppose it must have had something for me.

Theresa Richardson

Good storyline and interesting characters. Enjoyed this !


Very interesting, not predictable and I would love to read more.

Michelle Martinez

Thank you again Lou, for this incredible read. I have enjoyed this book electronically and in print!!

Colin Hutton

Loved the story - is there a sequel?


very interesting. It wasn't predictable. The characters were very three-dimensional


Though it could have done with some better editing, the storyline was very entertaining and I read it through to the finish.


I loved this book!!!!!!

Mark Egan

Excellent story and very enjoyable to read.


a very well thought out book with plenty of twists and turns


haven't finished it yet, but, from what I have read so far, it is well written and a fun read. the only issue I have is it is somewhat predictable.

Johnny Hodge

enjoyed, but characters didn't drag me into book

Elizabeth Peel

A unique story that grabs your attention and keeps it.


I loved this book. I'm pretty particular and a book has to be good, well written, and original to capture my interest. This book met all three criteria.

Ronny N Odparlik

Great Book..kudos to the author...when are we going to see a sequel?


I loved it - the tie up at the end was great - more please

Julie Harding

intersting story. Hard to let go and sorry that it was finish. I give it a 8 over 10.

Donald Deans Sr.

I could not stop reading this book....one of the best I have read recently

Vicki Reedy

Loved this book. A very good read


Absolutely stunning book! Read it on "one breath" Very interesting story line. I just wish the story would be longer as I had a feeling that some questions were left unanswered.Overall score 10 out of 10!

Grace Warren

Thiswas a great read. Very absorbing! Could not put it down from beginning to end.


A great read, unconventional and full of surprising twists.

Ana Richmond

Loved the book from start to finish. A great page turner. Thank you Lou for writing it :)

Kathy Elliott Jackson

Loved this book. A real page turner!

Ana Richmond

Very well written and a page turner thanks...loved it

Maggi Carstairs

I loved the story..it was different and the characters great. It kept me reading to the end


Loved this story. Well written and kept you hoping and guessing till the end!

Rebecca Black

Wow! What a fantastic story. I couldn't put it down.

Mona Peters

Slow to start, very confusing..


I usually don't like SF stories, but I liked this one. You actually made me belive that time travel is possible, and while reading the book I was imagining what would I do if I was William. Thanks for great, different book.

Maxine Cook

A fantastic book. From the first word to the last I couldn't put it down.

Kathy McKerlie

Was drawn to the book because the author is from my neck of the woods. I am so glad that I read it. Could not put it down.


I enjoyed this book. It was a very nice concept. But I do wish it would have had about one more chapter to wrap things up other than the abrupt ending it had. I would have to agree with one other person about too many exclamation points. They were everywhere and used instead of a period in sentences where they were not supposed to be.


Had me hooked from page one.


Good & differnt plot.


Lou Tortola

Lou was born in Miranda Italy, a medieval village that clings to the side of a mountain. His birthplace has greatly shaped who he is. Lou is married to his supportive wife Linda, they have three daughters; Tiffany, Tina and; Felicia. He is working on his second novel, a suspense crime fiction. Lou is also an avid cyclist and the proud inventor of the RoundTail bike: www.roundtail.us featured in Popular Science Magazine. It is readers feedback like this, that drives Lou to write with passion: After reading Mr. Tortola's first novel "A Bridge of Time"; I can give future readers one piece of advice... read this on night when you can afford to go to bed in the wee hours. Mr. Tortola, owes me a night of sleep!! I picked up the book hoping to read a chapter or two but ending up turning page after page until I read it in one sitting. (an Amazon post) His other accomplishments Include: Habitat For Humanity (Past President: Windsor Essex) Windsor International Film Festival (Founding Board member) Windsor Executives Association (Past President) On the board of other non-profit organizations. Entrepreneur and business owner for 30 years. Greetings via email are welcomed: lou@eliquid.com ALL feedback posted here is much appreciated. NOTE: The text (TXT) file is no longer available here as it was formatted incorrectly and regrettably caused some negative feedback not reflecting the novel. As posted by many you will find A Bridge of Time, hard to put down!

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