A Book of Remarkable Criminals


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This is a book that focuses on a group of criminals who the author found to be both remarkable and interesting. Human nature-based, each section details their lives, their crimes, and their fatal ends.

Michael Brantman

I enjojoyed reading the book. I thought it good too read about crminals from ealier times.

Charles Carpenter

Interesting. I enjoyed it.

mabel platts

i only read a little but what i did read i enjoyed


Good book as mrs. Verna Collier said the best if about criminals you?re interested in.

Verna Collier

I have always been interested in Crime and the reasons the Criminals do what they do ... This is the Book for You if that is what interests You !!


Interesting accounts of the lives of each man and the processes of the laws of the times. Well worth the read.


Couldn't believe that what I was reading is real crimes! oh my, there is a lot of evil in this world since ever.


Fantastic Book .I think, along with all other Human beings, Specially LAW student must read this book .


it was good



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