A Book of Infinite Possibilities


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A FREE, ready-for-download self help eBook that focuses on changing your thoughts, loving your life; and learning the art of trusting the process of life.


You may like this book if it the first one you read on this topic. It is only yet another authors attempt at plagiarism at the expense of readers. Luckily it is only about 35 pages of actual reading.

Lorraine Jupiter

Good subject matter, but next time please use spell check.

harriman isa oyofo

Great and simple to read and digest.

Jarred Fleming

Great book, Lots of useful information that WILL help to improve your life in many ways. If you are still concerned with poor grammar, and/or spelling mistakes, you have totally missed the whole point of the book.


When my father died recently, I hit the lowest point ever in my life. I had a newborn baby and five other children to look after, and I felt for the first time in my life that I wasn't able to cope anymore. I was a total sceptic until I had a life changing spiritual experience which my partner and i shared simultaneously. At that exact moment I instantly knew and understood that if I trusted and believed completely in the universe/karma that everything in my life would work out for the best. 6 months ago I would have laughed at the basic principals in this book, now most of it makes complete sense and has been a great assurance and encouragement. thank you

Joseph Baggett

Every other word is mispelled!

Ray F

Have to agree with Kat. Tried to sample. So many characters missing. Could not read

Rhodri Williams

short and easy to digest. recommended. i feel more positive already. : )

David Smith

its hard for me to understand this book because of missing characters like Kat said plus how are people with mental disabilites suppose to understand a book with missing characters in any book.This author needs to republished this book with characters not missing at all.


hard to read - too many characters missing.


Excellent tips and advice on overcoming negative thoughts and beliefs.


very good book!


This well-written book offers emotional and spiritual clarity. It will help you let go if you are feeling attached to results. Read it in a meditative way. ~Michael Alperstein


Simple, straight to the point and yet, inspiring.

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