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one else not goin' to. 'Tes yure not 'avin' done that 'as made 'em so rampageous.
[Stealing another look at STRANGWAY] Yu'll excuse me, zurr, spakin' of it, but
'tes amazin' sad to zee a man let go his own, without a word o' darin'. 'Tea as ef
'e 'ad no passions- like.
STRANGWAY. Look at me, Burlacombe.
[BURLACOMBE looks up, trying hard to keep his eyes on STRANGWAY'S,
that seem to burn in his thin face.]
STRANGWAY. Do I look like that? Please, please! [He touches his breast] I've
too much here. Please!
BURLACOMBE. [With a sort of startled respect] Well, zurr, 'tes not for me to zay
nothin', certainly.
[He turns and after a slow look back at STRANGWAY goes out.]
STRANGWAY. [To himself] Passions! No passions! Ha!
[The outer door is opened and IVY BURLACOMBE appears, and, seeing him,
stops. Then, coming softly towards him, she speaks timidly.]
IVY. Oh! Mr. Strangway, Mrs. Bradmere's cumin' from the Rectory. I ran an' told
'em. Oh! 'twas awful.
[STRANGWAY starts, stares at her, and turning on his heel, goes into the
house. Ivy's face is all puckered, as if she were on the point of tears. There is a
gentle scratching at the door, which has not been quite closed.]
VOICE OF GLADYS. [Whispering] Ivy! Come on Ivy. I won't.
VOICE OF MERCY. Yu must. Us can't du without Yu.
Ivy. [Going to the door] I don't want to.
VOICE of GLADYS. "Naughty maid, she won't come out," Ah! du 'ee!
VOICE OF CREMER. Tim Clyst an' Bobbie's cumin'; us'll only be six anyway. Us
can't dance "figure of eight" without yu.
Ivy. [Stamping her foot] I don't want to dance at all! I don't.
MERCY. Aw! She's temper. Yu can bang on tambourine, then!